• What is Ms. Claire?
    Ms. Claire is an on-demand cleaning service. Our service is based on one time basis with no contract. However, if you wish to use our service regularly, please contact us for special rate.
  • What Ms. Claire is NOT!
    Ms. Claire is not a big clean service. If you prefer big cleaning service, please contact us for quotation.
  • Ms. Claire Cleaning Task
    This is our standard cleaning procedures. However, if you wish our cleaner to focus on some other tasks, you can check with our contact center
    Scope of work

    • Clean the bath tub and shower area
    • Clean the toilet area
    • Clean bathroom floor
    • Clean bathroom shelves (within reach)
    • Clean bathroom sink area
    • Clean bathroom mirror
    • Take out the bathroom trash
    • Clean the kitchen sink area and kitchen top
    • Wash used dishes and kitchen utensils that put on the kitchen sink area
    • Clean the microwave
    • Clean the kitchen shelves within reach
    • Clean the kitchen floor
    • Take out the trash
    • Making bed; tidy it up (not include changing the bed sheet*)
    • Clean the bedroom floor
    • Take out the trash
    Living Room
    • Wipe furniture surface clean
    • Clean the living room floor
    • Take out the trash

    Please note
    • Please note that Ms. Claire will clean only the surface that our cleaners can reach without having to use tall ladder or risking the safety and well-being of our staff.
    • Unacceptable Actions Policy: Occasionally, certain actions by people using our services can make it very difficult for us to deal with. This includes aggressive or abusive behavior; harassment; discrimination; or unreasonable demands etc.

    Ms. Claire detailed Scope of Work
    Task Tasks included in the package Tasks maybe added for a reasonable price*
    Mattress Work Making bed; tidy it up; reorganize the bed Change bed sheet and pillow cases
    Kitchen & Utensils Wash used kitchenware and dishes that are put on the kitchen sink Take out all the unused kitchenware or dishes inside the cabinets and wash them
    Mirror & Steel Door/ window bar Clean the front door or window of the house Wipe every single door or window in the house
    Screen Door/ window screen Wipe the dust Wash the screen door or window screen
    Outer Area of the house or the balcony Ms. Claire service is only within the inner area of the house Clean outer area of the house including the balcony
    Ironing - Call for quotation
    Pest Control - Call for quotation
    Garden Maintenance - Call for quotation
    Dust Mite Vacuum Service - Dust Mite Allergies Solution. Please call for quotation

    *Ms. Claire is pleased to serve you with add-on tasks that are not included in the package with reasonable price. Please contact us via hello@msclairecleaning.com for rate estimation before the appointment date. Please do not pay directly to our cleaners as we will not hold responsible for any circumstances that may cause by paying cash.