• If I’m satisfied with the service, can I ask Ms. Claire to come in regularly?
    Yes. If you prefer regular service, please contact us directly for special rate and more information via:
    Phone: 0962093872
    Email: Hello@msclairecleaning.com
    Facebook Messenger: www.facebook.com/msclairecleaning
    Line: Msclairecleaning
  • How to book Ms. Claire Service?
    Booking via our website is simple, stress-free and you can do it at the comfort of your own home by follow these following steps
    1. Click “Book Appointment”
    2. Select the cleaning package that best suits your need
    3. Select date and time you prefer
    4. Make a payment online
    5. We’ll send you the confirmation email
    6. We will call you to revalidate the information and confirm the location.
  • When will Ms.Claire arrive my house?
    We aim to deliver the best cleaning experience. Our staff will usually be there 15 mins before the scheduled time to prepare for cleaning process. However, in some inevitable circumstances, please provide 30 mins window for our staff to arrive. The cleaning time starts when our staff starts the cleaning process.
  • What if your cleaner doesn’t show up?
    Please contact ceo@msclairecleaning.com or via Line@: @msclaire immediately.
  • Ms. Claire Rate
    Ms. Claire service rate depends on 2 main factors;
    1. Size of the space you wish to clean
    2. Extra tasks you wish us to do

    Here’s our 3 main packages;

    Package 700 THB: This package is suitable for a small condo or apartment. The package comes with 1 cleaner who will spend time to clean your place for 3 hours.
    Package 900 THB: This package is suitable for a large condo to a townhouse or a small house (less than 70 square wa). Package include 1 cleaner for 6 hours.
    Package 1,600 THB: This package is for large house or any house that needs extra cleaning. The package include 2 cleaners for 6 hours.

    *We highly recommend that our customers book the package that best fits with the size of their place. In case our customer books the package that does not fit with the size of their place, we reserve the rights to have our cleaners finish work on time which is 3 or 6 hours as agreed in the package you choose. In example you have a large house of 600 square wa with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms but you book the 900THB package (for small house; 1 cleaner for 6 hours). Only one cleaner will have to take more time to clean the house because of the large size so she/he might not be able to finish all the tasks within 6 hours. Thus we highly recommend our customers to book a bigger package (For this case, 1600 THB package with 2 cleaners for 6 hours) if they wish to have us finish all the tasks in time.
  • Do I have to provide cleaning tools when the cleaner arrives?
    We ask our customers to prepare a bloom, a mop, and a mop bucket. Because our cleaners travel by public transportation (mostly motorbike or a bus), the size of these equipment are sometimes caused discomfort to other passengers so we are not allowed to take a bloom, a mop, and a bucket with us on public transportation.
  • Can I request the same cleaner every time?
    We understand your concern and it is our aim to send the same cleaner to your home every time. However, we cannot guaranteed the cleaner’s schedule as we work on first come first serve basis. Thus, we encourage our customers to call in to check at least 3 days in advance.
  • Ms. Claire Area of Service
    Ms. Claire is now available in Bangkok and Chonburi. However, we are already planning to expand to other areas.